Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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Article 1: Name

Name: Da Nang Mikazki Membership Club. Operated by ODK Mikazuki Company                                               

Article 2: Benefits

When joining with Mikazuki Membership, customers will be entitled to many privileges of Da Nang Mikazuki  JapaneseResorts & Spa.                                                

Article 3: Purpose

We are committed to provide members with convenient services, relaxing times and hospitality from our hearts.                                                

Article 4: Eligibility

Based on the information on the membership application, those who agree to become members will be considered as a members of Mikazuki Membership.                                    

Article 5: Joining fee and annual maintenance fee

No charge for joining fee and annual membership fee                                    

Article 6: Membership

Each membership card is only valid for the person named on the card, transfering or renting membership card to the third party is not allowed.                                            

Article 7: Expired date

For each card will be expired 3 years from active date                                     

Article 8: Privileges

Members can use membership cards for services provided by the hotel such as accommodation, restaurants, wedding parties, etc.

Moreover, the people who introduces by the member and to adhere the membership rules can also apply the membership benefits.                                  

Article 9: Points

1.    How to calculate your point:

  • Earning point system
  • Used Amount: 10.000 VND = 100 Points
  • Point Value: 10 Points = 10 VND   

2.    Accumulated points are points that ensure the following 3 conditions:

  • Accumulated transaction value is the amount finally settled by customers (after using services and deducting discounts, promotions, voucher redemption, etc.), inclusive of service charges & VAT.
  • Applicable services: All services of Da Nang Mikazuki Japanese Resorts and Spa, service packages with Da Nang Mikazuki hotel rooms, excluding retail services purchased by Da Nang Mikazuki from external suppliers (e.g., Spa, the drug store,…); F&B services inside Water Park's Matsuri food court.
  • Service booking method: online booking via mikazuki.com.vn, hotline +84 2363 774 555, or book directly at our property.                   

Article 10: Deny membership eligibility/withdraw

The person who applicable to any of the following will be denied membership eligibility.                                                

(1) Wrong information on the Registration.                                          

(2) Payment Trouble such as Late Payment at Mikazuki Hotel                                      

(3) In case of you are wanted, arrested, prosecuted, or convicted of a criminal offense                                    

(4) In the event of assault, injury, coercion, threats, extortion, fraud, or similar acts.                                         

(5) In the event that the guest does not comply with the Da Nang Mikazuki Terms and Conditions or Facility Usage Rules.                                   

(7) When there are other reasons that are considered reasonable from a socially accepted viewpoint.     

Article 11: Procedure

If any of the following applies, please contact the member secretariat and follow the procedure.

(1) Request for re-issuance of membership card due to loss, theft or damage                                       

(2) Request to change or withdraw the membership application                                 

Article 12: Extension / Withdrawal / Expulsion of Membership Eligibility

1.   Renewal of membership is subject to review by the Company.                                             

2. Your membership will be revoked if you fall under any of the following categories.

If your membership is revoked, your family membership will also be revoked and you will lose all of your membership rights.

(1) If any of the items in Article 10 apply.                                              

(2) In the event of a breach of the provisions for revocation or expulsion of membership as stipulated in the respective membership agreement.                                             

(3) If there is a significant change in the credit status of the member                                        

(4) In the event that there is an assertion of rights or an unreasonable demand for something other than membership benefits                                              

(5) In case to unable to contact to our member from the Company due to a change of residence, job change, etc.                                                  

(6) In case of the member's hotel usage is not recognized within the validity period of the membership card                                         

(7) When there are other reasons similar to the above                                   

3.  If the Company judges that members are not suitable as a member in the preceding paragraph, we will expel your membership.

If members are expelled from membership, they will not be allowed to reapply for membership as a general rule.

(1) This agreement shall apply to all members who use the services provided by Da Nang Mikazuki.           

(2) For the operation of the service, the Company may establish various regulations such as usage rules, terms and conditions, and precautions for use (hereinafter referred to as   Various Regulations  ) for each facility, and matters not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Various Regulations.

(3) The company shall be able to add or change new provisions to this agreement without the approval of the members.

In the event of additions or changes to the Terms and Conditions, the Company shall notify members by posting on the official website or in newsletters, etc., and shall post the latest version on the official website.                                            

(4) If a member uses the facilities after a change in this agreement, the member is deemed to have accepted the changed agreement.                                     

Additional Terms:

This agreement will come into effect on March 1st, 2021

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