Deluxe room has an area of 70m2, with 2 types of beds: twin or king. With panoramic ocean view, this room is a great choice for a romantic vacation for couples
Premium Deluxe room has an area of 90m2, with a private balcony, an outdoor bathtub and stunning sea view. 
With an area of 70m2, the Family room with panoramic ocean view is a great choice for a family of 04 or a group of friends. 
With panoramic sea view in an area of 90m2, the Premium Family room is a great choice for a family of 4 or a group of friends
Comfortable living spcace with square up to 140m2, the room has panoramic ocean view with 02 separate bedrooms are suitable for family or group of 04.
Luxury living space with square up to 200m2, enabling panoramic sea view. Feel yourself at home with two private bedrooms with twin or king beds, suitable for family or group trips.
As a unique accommodation with typical Japanese architecture, Japanese Suite welcomes you with recognizable features like tatami mats, wooden flooring, moats, and delicate stone floors.
The 170m2 space will provide you with a lot of convenience, comfort, and pleasure. The suite has 02 separate bedrooms, a private balcony that opens up to an infinity view of the great ocean.
Living in luxurious and elegant Japanese decor at our Presidential Suite. Up to 400m2 square with 2 private bedrooms, balcony with panoramic sea views. 
An ideal setting for relaxation on 2nd foor, enalbling wonderful view to Vietnamese style landscaping. 
Comfortable private villa surrounded by beautiful Vietnamese garden landscape. A wonderful choice for your family trip! 
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