Male Capsule

Travel solo or group of friends?! Our capsule hotel is your first choice. 

Convenience at an affordable price, choose our capsule hotel.

Spending a night in a capsule hotel is a must-do when experiencing Japan. It brings you a slice of Japanese daily life: dense use of space, technical ingenuity, and a futuristic vibe. However, at our Yado, each capsule is optimized in the most convenient way to get you a good night’s sleep at an affordable price.

Room facilities:
  • Male Capsule Fire extinguisher
  • Male Capsule Fire alarm system
  • Male Capsule Automatic washlet
  • Male Capsule Toiletries
  • Male Capsule Towels
  • Male Capsule Slippers
  • Male Capsule Closet
  • Male Capsule Separate shower/Bathtub
  • Male Capsule Balcony/Terrace
  • Male Capsule No-smoking in room
  • Male Capsule Free Wi-fi
  • Male Capsule Air conditioner
  • Male Capsule Hair dryer

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Good choice for travel solo or with group of friends. 
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