Commencement of the Hotel MIKAZUKI Da Nang Project, the Largest Investment by a Japanese Company Ever

HCommencement of the Hotel MIKAZUKI Da Nang Project, the Largest Investment by a Japanese Company Ever

We aim to develop a resort which has been regarded with great affection by everyone as a wellspring for communicating Japanese culture and provides a place for “Three Generation Families” to enjoy Japanese culture.

Project Background

Project Background

Anxious that the labor shortage, high construction costs, decreasing birthrate and aging population, and various other problems would have a huge impact on the long-term management plans for resort development, in March 2017, the founder of the Hotel Mikazuki Group, Yoshio Odaka, initiated the project.
Taking over the project, Yoshimune Odaka said in the ceremony speech, “Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away two years ago. In order to realize his dream, I have pledged to carry out his mission with faith and conviction based on unwavering resolve (“Persevere until it is done.”) while maintaining a balance between calmness (rationality) and passion (bold business judgment). And this is what has brought us to today.
With as many as three World Heritage Sites, Da Nang is blessed with resources for tourism and is also a region with significant economic growth.
We deliver Japanese-style hospitality to everyone wishing to spend their vacation with us, from the young to the elderly, and from guests in a company trip to those in other types of group travel.
I am convinced that with the formation of this project, we will no doubt contribute to enhancing the quality of tourism services in Da Nang in the future.”
He went on to say that while the group had lost its founder, if they are able to spur on the growth of the company through the dream he left behind, his dream will become something of irreplaceable value.

Special Movie

Mikazuki Japan TV


  • Total developed area: Approx. 13ha
    (“Ocean zone” included)
    Development of the Da Nang Bay area, the first 5-star hotel and leisure spot on Da Nang Beach
  • Plan
    • Construction to refresh existing facilities/Currently open Luxury Villa & Ocean ZONE in July 2019
    • Phase 1: Scheduled opening of “Hot Spa &Aqua Dome” ZONE / “Garden Lagoon” ZONE in June 2020
    • Phase 2: Scheduled opening of “Hotel & Restaurant” ZONE in April 2021
  1. ❶ ”Hot Spa & Aqua Dome” ZONE – The first all-water dome facility in Da Nang -

    A hot spa theme park where you can enjoy all-weather operation in a dome site area of over 1 ha.

    • A diverse amusement pool zone where you can enjoy a Wave Pool, Dragon Slide, and other attractions all while in your swimming wear.
    • A swimming wear and naked bath zone where you can experience Japanese “onsen” culture.
  2. ❷ “Hotel & Restaurant” ZONE - All rooms have an ocean view and are equipped with open-air baths –

    The first five-star complex hotel in the Da Nang Bay area

    • All rooms are ocean-view type. 294 rooms are pre-opening and all 500 rooms will be grand-opening finally.
    • All rooms has its own outside bath in the balcony. You can enjoy the Japanese style spa experience with the grand view of the Da Nang Bay.
    • A pool zone with open-air baths located on the top floor 80m above ground.
    • In the cozy rooms and with the Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine, we offer you service and atmosphere featuring Japanese culture.
    • We are seeking the complex facility where individual, leisure, business and MICE travelers including three-generation family group can fully enjoy their stay.
  3. ❸ “Garden Lagoon” ZONE

    - A new tourist spot in the Da Nang Bay and Japanese taste villa -

    • The flowing water pool is the longest in Vietnam with a length of 450m (Garden Lagoon)
    • Water slide x various attraction pools x Mr. Fuji Monument
    • We have 12 luxury villa buildings with 48 rooms which remind you the Japanese exclusive "hanare(annex)".
  4. ❹ “Ocean” ZONE

    • Food & Beverage area and Banquet facilities facing the Da Nang Bay

As of March 2020 Construction Status

As of February 2020 Construction Status

As of December 2019 Construction Status

As of November 2019 Construction Status

As of October 2019 Construction Status


  • 2017
  • August 2017

    Da Nang-Mikazuki Opening Project starts.

  • October 2017 photo photo

    Da Nang City Overseas Investment Seminar is held.

  • December 2017

    Bank Meeting is held.

  • 2018
  • January/May 2018

    Syndicate Group conducts planned area survey.

  • June 2018

    Syndicate Group announces results of project area survey.

  • July 2018 photo

    Mikazuki Group acquires 66% share of Vietnam’s Tourism Development Company.This creates the tenth joint venture for the Mikazuki Group.Yoshimune Odaka appointed joint representative director (※ Acquires 100% of the company stock in April 2019.)

  • July 2018 photo

    First investment seminar in Chiba Prefecture is held.

  • August 2018 photo

    Cities of Da Nang and Kisarazu move toward forging a sister city relationship. Hotel Mikazuki Hotel extends support.

  • 2019
  • January 2019

    Mikazuki Group wins bid for the lease of 5 ha. of land in a land auction held by Da Nang City, the first Japanese company ever to do so.

  • March 2019

    Yoshimune Odaka receives request to be a lecturer at the JETRO Overseas Expansion Platform Seminar.


    Mikazuki Group is granted an IRC (Investment Registration Certificate) for a total investment of 12 billion yen.

  • April 2019

    Mikazuki Group sets up a syndicate loan for a total of 9 billion yen with Shoko Chukin Bank.
    Vietnam Da Nang Project gets off to a full-fledged start as the largest investment ever by a Japanese company.

The Mikazuki Group will purchase individual plots of land for the locations of the facilities for the current Nature Villa and Resort and construct the new facilities on them.